The next generation of
hearing science

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Hearing Loss


Experience speech via vibrations on your skin.



With just 10 minutes a day, you can help alleviate the constant ringing.


Sound Awareness

Feel the sounds around you and be more aware of your environment.

Introducing the next generation of hearing technology

Neosensory condenses decades of neuroscience research into a sleek wristband to deliver hearing solutions that are brand new, simple, and backed by science.

Our award-winning, patented wristband listens to your surroundings and provides information to your brain via over 4 billion patterns of vibrations on the skin.

We designed our wristband to help with three different challenges:
discerning high-frequency sounds in speech; tinnitus; and deafness.

Features at a glance

  1. Long battery life
    Power for more than 24 hours of continuous usage.
    Recharge using the provided USB-C cable.
  2. Status lights
    Shows the mic sensitivity and battery level
  3. Hypoallergenic band
    Medical quality silicone: comfortable, easy to clean and antimicrobial. Two sizes to fit most teenagers and adults.
  4. Adjust microphone sensitivity
    You can select how much sound the wristband picks up. Too much background noise? Simply turn down the mic.
  5. Four independent motors
    Feel and interpret sound with over 4 billion possible vibration patterns. Adjust the strength of the vibrations in the app.

Want to learn more?

Our technology is developed by leading neuroscientists, audiologists and engineers, and backed by Silicon Valley. See our TED Talk “Can we create new senses for humans?”

Frequently asked questions

For most users, about 3 weeks of everyday use. This is true for all 3 Neosensory solutions (Clarify, Duo, Sound Awareness): 3 weeks is the time it takes our brains to get used to the new sense.

The Neosensory solution is a science-based program of “bimodal stimulation”, combining sound with touch. When you sign up, you receive our patented wristband, the Neosensory Duo, in the mail. You download the free Neosensory app (iOS or Android), which takes you through 10 minutes of training per day. You listen to specially-designed tones while feeling specific vibrations on your wrist. Learn more about why this works, the data, and our wristband on our Science page.

Depending on the microphone sensitivity level and how noisy the environment is, the band can last over 24 hours on one full charge.

We have a no-questions-asked, 30 day money back guarantee on all our products.