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Neosensory Duo for Tinnitus

Neosensory Duo for Tinnitus

from $249.00/mo for 2 months

Our program delivers long-lasting results to more than 87% of users after just two months. See how just 10 minutes a day can completely change your relationship with tinnitus.

Buzz for Sound Awareness

Buzz for Sound Awareness


Be more aware of sounds such as doorbells, water running, people talking, dogs barking, babies crying, and hundreds of others.

We’re a group of scientists, engineers, creatives, and tinnitus sufferers.

We know how frustrating false promises are — and that there is no cure for tinnitus. That’s why we set out to bring the only evidence-based method to show clinical improvement for tinnitus sufferers in the US.

Tinnitus Program

With just 10 minutes a day, you can help alleviate the constant ringing.

Sound Awareness

Feel the sounds around you and be more aware of your environment.

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