About Us

Developed by neuroscientists, Neosensory builds non-invasive brain-machine interfaces to create new senses.

Our research began with the idea that our experience of reality can go beyond our sensory limitations. In 2013, Professor David Eagleman and his graduate student Scott Novich set out to create a general sensory substitution device: the Vest. The project drew worldwide attention when it was presented at TED, and in 2015 it was spun out of the lab into a venture-backed company. With a new team of engineers, we then shrunk the function of the Vest into a sleek wearable: a wristband with multiple vibratory motors in the band, named Buzz. Our patented technology enables people to listen with their skin. 

We focus on sending data streams to the brain via the sense of touch. With so much unused real estate on the body, the skin presents an untapped channel for the delivery of new information.

Our team is inspired by transformative technology, and we are dedicated to making a meaningful social impact with our sound-to-touch products.

In 2019, Neosensory raised an additional $10M, bringing total funding to $16M.

David Eagleman

Dr. Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University. His research is published in the top journals in the field, including Science and Nature. Beyond his research and entrepreneurial endeavors, he is an internationally bestselling author about the brain, with his books translated into 33 languages. He is also the creator and host of PBS’s Emmy-nominated series “The Brain with David Eagleman.”

Scott Novich, PhD

Dr. Novich is an electrical & computer engineer and neuroscientist who received his PhD in Dr. Eagleman’s lab. His thesis work on non-invasive sensory augmentation provides the foundation for Neosensory’s technology.  In a previous life, he was a professional music producer on the SF-based label Muti Music and founder of live broadcast Internet radio station glitch.fm. For fun, he helps with music events at DEF CON.

Jaehee Lee
Chief Product Officer

Jaehee comes to Neosensory with more than a decade of experience in bringing Silicon Valley products to market. He has built products in a variety of industries, including hardware, wearables, and software for both mobile and desktop during his time with AT&T, CNET, and BitTorrent. His focus on understanding customers at a deep level helps him build products that hundreds of millions of people enjoy using.

Andrea Aicardi
VP of Growth

Andrea empowers the Neosensory team with his 7 years experience in scaling small businesses from seed to exit through sustainable, defensible growth in direct and partnered channels. He holds Master degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, HEC Paris and has researched economics at The University of Tokyo. In his free time Andrea produces techno music under the moniker of Sentient.

Mark Strawn
VP of Hardware

Mark is an experienced leader that has consistently demonstrated the ability to work and motivate others in fast paced, rapidly changing environments. More than 25 years’ experience in the high tech field, including product program management, software engineering management, product engineering management, project management, and technical leadership and software development.