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Understanding speech after hearing loss from bacterial meningitis

Everyone’s story is unique and everyone uses Buzz in different ways. Read one user’s experience with…
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How do you Buzz?

If you’re curious how Buzz can fit into your life, read about our users’ experiences in their own words…
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Buzz allows people to sense sound through their skin. Using technology conceived in neuroscientist David Eagleman’s laboratory…
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The future of perception

Neuroscientists tell us that we can create and learn new sensory experiences. Our brains, as amazing as they are…
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Neosensory SDK for Android – example project

We’ve streamlined the process of connecting and transmitting to Neosensory Buzz wristbands from Android. Do you code but have little-to-no experience with Android?
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Neosensory SDK for Android

Create a new sensory expanding application by sending your own custom data streams to Buzz from an Android smartphone using our Neosensory SDK for Android.
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Neosensory Arduino SDK example project

Have an idea for building a sensory substitution project but don’t know where to start? Here’s an example to get started with our Neosensory Arduino SDK.
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Neosensory Arduino SDK

Build a sensory substitution project using Neosensory Buzz and an Arduino development board. Here’s everything you need to know about our Neosensory Arduino SDK. 
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