Neosensory Sound Awareness

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Sound Awareness connects you to the world around you. Be aware of sounds such as people, doorbells, cars, bicycles, dogs, and more. Plus, don’t miss emergency sounds such as sirens and alarms ever again.

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Natalie Nogueras
Actress and Sound Awareness user

Connect with the world in a whole new way

How can Sound Awareness help you?

With the Sound Awareness wristband you’ll be able to feel music, voices, laughter, a family member entering the room, or a friend calling your name: all sounds will generate a unique pattern of vibrations on your wrist. It’s useful for anyone interested in sound perception, including people with hearing loss and people who are deaf.

The wristband listens to sounds around you and translates them into vibrations on your skin.

With time, you’ll be able to associate each vibration to a unique sound.

Adjust to your environment with the help of the Neosensory app (available on iOS and Android).

Learn and have fun! Play training games to help improve your understanding of vibrations.

What are Sound Awareness users saying?

Philip S.

You know I love dancing? I love having Sound Awareness so I can feel the rhythm, so I can stay in time. Using Buzz is so great. I don’t have to worry about touching the speakers to feel the vibration to know what song it is.

Sylas U.

My life has really improved so much with Sound Awareness. Being able to talk with people, being able to hear their voice, being able to distinguish their tone and being able to tell when they’re frustrated, it really gives me a lot of information that I didn’t have before.



It's a unique gadget for the most deserved people in the world… Hearing or vision impaired.

Haley Bodine

Haley Bodine

Its awesome feeling different vibration patterns for aware environment. I would recommend buying it and I'm guaranteed that you will love it.

Discover all the features

Connect your band to the free Neosensory App (available on iOS and Android) to unlock many more features and training games.

Everyday Mode

This mode lets you enjoy your world and everything around you. Use this mode for most daily environments. It adjusts to your surroundings and cancels out unnecessary background noise (such as an air conditioner).

Music Mode

This mode is best for enjoying and experiencing music on another level. There’s no need to crank the volume when you wear the wristband. This mode lets you feel the pulse of the beat layered with the textures and nuances of the melody. Whether you love rap, jazz, country, or ballads, strap it on and you’re good to go.

Sleeping Mode

This mode is for catching emergency sounds while you sleep. Rest easy knowing that only loud, emergency sounds will alert you. Don’t worry, the algorithm filters out snoring and sheet rustling so you can catch your zzzs.

Find more in the app

Switch between profiles, set alarms with unique vibrations, and personalize your experience in the Neosensory app.

Neosensory Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD

President, Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Past President, Washington State Academy of Audiology

Chair of the Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

Nicholas Reed, AuD

Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Board Member, Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

David Eagleman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University
Director, Center for Science and Law

New York Times bestselling author

Founder and CEO, Neosensory