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Struggling with ringing in your ears? Regain control today. Our life-changing program can help you manage symptoms in just two months.

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The band vibrates with the frequency of the sound.

87% of people
long-lasting results


Experience bimodal stimulation in daily 10-minute sessions for 8 weeks to feel relief.

30-day money back guarantee

A new product from Neosensory, as seen on

The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Healthy Hearing, Smithsonian Magazine, Hearing, Discover, Popular Science

“A ‘simple, elegant way of helping people out.’”

“(Neosensory’s) aim is to develop haptic wearables that offer new ways of experiencing the world.”

Wall Street Journal

"It's an idea that hasn't been done in wearable technology just yet."

The Atlantic

“Hearing professionals may well consider recommending these types of devices.”

Hearing Health

"(This) device could one day be deployed in dozens of professions."

Popular Science

“The technology they build essentially focuses on sending data streams to the brain through the sense of touch.”

Healthy Hearing

Fast Company 2021 World Changing Ideas

Bimodal stimulation – let’s break it down

2 modes of therapy.
1 life-changing result.

“Bimodal” means two modes of therapy. By stimulating your brain with sound and touch, you can retrain your networks to find the relief you’ve been searching for.


The phone app plays sounds that your ears and the band pick up.


The band vibrates according to the frequency of the sound.

This process teaches the brain to distinguish real external sounds from internally-generated sounds, which over time reduces the ringing in your ears.
Perrotta, Kohler, Eagleman 2023: Bimodal stimulation for the reduction of tinnitus using vibration on the skin. International Tinnitus Journal. 

Neosensory Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD Chair of the Neosensory, Audiology Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD

President and CEO, Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Past President, Washington State Academy of Audiology

Chair of the Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD Chair of the Neosensory, Audiology Medical Board

Nicholas Reed, AuD

Audiologist, Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Faculty, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Board Member, Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD Chair of the Neosensory, Audiology Medical Board

David Eagleman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University
Director, Center for Science and Law
New York Times bestselling author

Founder and CEO, Neosensory

Developed by neuroscientists,
Trusted by audiologists

Led by acclaimed Stanford neuroscientist

Neosensory is co-founded by neuroscientists and engineers at the forefront of hearing and sensory technology with wearable programs that help those suffering from tinnitus.

Rooted in a decade of research

Neosensory is backed by 10+ years of research, previously only accessible in leading scientific laboratories.

Endorsed by leading audiologists

Our program is backed by the country’s best audiology professionals with decades of experience in treating tinnitus patients.

Proven to deliver results

Neosensory Duo for Tinnitus is the only solution using bimodal stimulation in the US.

A seamless rental journey

Retraining your brain is now easier than you think

Step 1

Order your Neosensory Duo wristband with fast, free shipping and download your app to get started.

Step 2

Experience bimodal stimulation – the wristband responds to the frequencies of tones played by the app – in daily 10-minute sessions for 8 weeks.

Step 3

Feel relief from your tinnitus symptoms like over 87% of Neosensory customers. Most people begin to notice a difference after just 3 weeks.

After 2 months, return the band in the box provided or keep it forever for just 2 additional monthly payments of $249.00.

  • Over 50% of people decide to keep their Neosensory Duo wristband for continued use or for flare-ups.
  • With 2 additional payments, it’s yours to keep forever (no ongoing rental fees).

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