Neosensory Clarify
for Hearing Loss

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The Clarify wristband improves your hearing without the need to wear hearing aids. Users report better outcomes in understanding conversations than the average hearing aid user*.

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* Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB) test, April 2022.

Discover a new way to hear

Clarify users: their journey to better hearing

David Sheehan

“With hearing aids, I would only hear the wrong word at a higher volume.

Clarify is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

– David Sheehan

“Until you perceive that range of hearing, you won’t understand –

It’s the difference between seeing in black and white and color.”

John Haecker

John Heacker

Customer reviews

Karyn A Giblin

[Clarify] really helps. Not perfect yet, but a great hearing improvement. I hated hearing aids. This is much better.

Dr Barbara Doreo

Yesterday we saw TOP GUN movie. I understood every word of the dialogue. This is a first in many years. I'm thrilled with my Clarify. I have recommended this to many of my patients.

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones

Thank you Neosensory! After years of Tinnitus & not understanding every day conversations, my daughter asked me to try her Neosensory Wristband. After wearing it for 2 weeks, I was sold! Now I enjoy TV, music & get togethers with friends.

S Protopappas

S Protopappas

I’m 73 years old and have moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. With Clarify I understand more words, and can understand and participate more easily in noisy places. I'm very glad I found Clarify.

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How does Clarify work?

With age related hearing loss, high frequencies become difficult to hear. Let our wristband listen for you.

The wristband vibrates to indicate different high frequency sounds

The brain combines sound from the ears with signals from the wrist

Within a few weeks, the wristband becomes like eyeglasses for sound

Compare Clarify to hearing aids

Neosensory ClarifyHearing Aids
How it worksRetrains the brain to better understand spoken wordsMake all sounds louder, sometimes distorted
VisibilityA discreet black wristband, just like your average fitness trackerMostly visible in the ear
Affordability$999 or as low as $42/MoUp to $7,000

Neosensory Medical Board

Kevin Liebe, AuD

President, Hearing Health & Technology Matters
Past President, Washington State Academy of Audiology

Chair of the Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

Nicholas Reed, AuD

Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine Faculty, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Board Member, Neosensory Audiology Medical Board

David Eagleman, PhD

Neuroscientist, Stanford University
Director, Center for Science and Law

New York Times bestselling author

Founder and CEO, Neosensory

Frequently asked questions

High-frequency hearing loss means that you have difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds such as birds chirping and children’s voices. Some important parts of speech are high-pitched, which is why it becomes more difficult to understand speech when you have high-frequency hearing loss. This is the most common type of hearing loss. An audiologist can help you know if you have high-frequency hearing loss, and you can test yourself with a hearing test app such as Hearing Test.

About 3 weeks. Wear it everyday and you’ll start to experience a difference in the clarity of hearing speech.

We have a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Yes. Once you purchase the band you’ll get unlimited access to our Duo program, which helps 87% of users manage their tinnitus symptoms after 2 months of use. Simply select the “Duo for Tinnitus” mode within the app and start the daily 10-minute exercises. We will not charge you anything extra for this additional functionality.

No. Clarify is designed to work out-of-the-box, with no custom fitting required. Simply purchase the appropriate size for you (using our sizing chart), put it on your wrist, and make sure you are around speech.

No. The important thing is simply to be around speech. Once you put on the wristband, try to find conversation partners. Listen to audiobooks. Watch the television. That’s it. Your brain will take that practice and build its understanding of how to combine the signals from the ear and the wrist. After a few weeks, users describe their experience “like a pair of eyeglasses on your wrist”.

Clarify is suited for mild and moderate hearing loss, and specifically for what is called age-related high-frequency hearing loss. As people grow older, they tend to lose hearing for high-frequencies (such as a bird chirping) while their low frequencies (say, an engine rumbling) can be heard just fine. As a result, people can hear many sounds of speech – but they have a difficult time distinguishing high-frequency sounds, such as “s”, “z”, “th”, “f”, and others. This makes listening to speech effortful and difficult. People with this very common form of hearing loss report a slightly harder time understanding speech from females and children, who tend to have higher voices.

Ideally, you’ll want to see your audiologist to understand whether your hearing loss is in the high-frequencies (the most common form of age-related hearing loss).

Yes, Clarify can be used on its own or in conjunction with hearing aids or any other hearing assistive technology.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy at all. Our app is required only once for activation, and we designed it to be simple, accessible and intuitive. If you need assistance, you can ask our support team to guide you through the required steps: they are available via email at and on the phone at 650-385-8440.

Simply select Klarna as the preferred payment option at checkout and you’ll be guided through all the steps. If you’re eligible for financing, you’ll see a summary of charges and can proceed with the payment in 24-month installments of just $41.

Clarify can work in a crowded room and tries to represent the voice of the person speaking with you. You may find that Clarify works better in one-on-one conversations.

Clarify helps you understand speech on the radio, television, or anything else played through a speaker (say, a podcast or movie) in the same way it helps you understand in-person speech. Note that this helps you understand phone conversations as long as you put the phone on speaker – the wristband needs to be able to hear the conversation to help.