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Manage your tinnitus with our 2-month program delivering lasting results to 87% of users.

Two months is all it takes

1. Receive your Neosensory kit in the mail

2. Use our band and app to exercise 10 minutes daily

3. Return the kit and enjoy lasting results

How it works

Neosensory’s tinnitus program works by creating bimodal stimulation (sound + touch) to train your brain. It is scientifically proven to reduce the impact of tinnitus on your daily life.

You hear the unique tones in the app
You feel synchronized vibrations on the band

This particular combination of sound and vibration helps soothe your tinnitus.

The science behind it

New neuroscience research shows that pairing sounds and touch in a specific way (known as “bimodal stimulation”) can quantifiably reduce the impact of tinnitus for the large majority of people.

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Dr. Ben Thompson, audiologist and founder of Pure Tinnitus

User testimonials

I notice my tinnitus less often since starting the training.

Nigel, Los Altos, CA

I notice my tinnitus less. Easier to let it fade into the background.

Alex, San Jose, CA

When I started, it was really loud. This past week I haven’t noticed it as much.

Jennifer, Hillsborough, CA

Less this week. No extreme bouts.

Ingrid, San Francisco, CA