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$99 plus $15 a month*

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Be more aware of sounds such as doorbells, water running, people talking, dogs barking, babies crying, and hundreds of others.

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Be more aware of sounds such as doorbells, people talking, dogs barking, babies crying, phone notifications, alarm clocks, and hundreds of others with Buzz.

You can detect vibrations that alert you to emergency situations like smoke alarms, sirens, or cars honking. Buzz also gives you the ability to feel music, voices, laughter, a family member entering the room, or a friend calling your name. And you can also wake up to a choice of vibrations and set reminders with the Buzz alarm.

Buzz Subscription

Your Buzz subscription gives you access to up-to-date devices throughout the duration of your subscription including:

  • Patented sound-to-touch algorithm
  • Everyday, Music, and Sleeping Modes
  • Vibrating alarm and reminders
  • Customizable vibration and microphone intensity
  • Access to training games and additional settings in the free Neosensory app
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee*

Just for Buzz subscribers:

  • Extended two-year warranty*
  • A new Buzz every two years*

Two-year commitment with early termination options*

Buzz one-time purchase or Buzz subscription? Learn which is right for you.

*$150 early termination fee and buyout options. Please see our Terms of Service.