Neosensory Buzz

Enjoy the quiet again

A new way to relieve ringing in the ears

Relieve chronic ringing–called Tinnitus–with a new & affordable nonmedical device

Ringing in the ears (known as tinnitus) isn’t rare, but it’s difficult to live with.

Fortunately, new neuroscience research shows that pairing sounds with touch (known as bimodal stimulation) can reduce the severity of tinnitus.

The Neosensory Buzz is an innovative nonmedical therapy developed by neuroscientists. It’s a wristband with vibration motors, and it mirrors sounds from the world with touch.

Strap on Buzz and listen to a series of notes for 10 minutes a day (or longer if you’d like). You can do other things at the same time, like reading a book, as long as it’s quiet. Meanwhile, your brain will make the necessary changes… and your tinnitus may become weaker and less challenging to deal with on a daily basis.

Tinnitus Relief for 2 Payments of $149*

*Tinnitus relief treatment is $149 a month for 2 months; unit must be returned after 2 months or may be kept for a reduced subscription.

How it works:

Key Features

  • Each motor vibrates at different times & intensities to help with rich bimodal training
  • Use just 10 minutes a day for tinnitus relief, but comfortable to wear all day, too.
  • Haptic engine developed by Stanford neuroscientists
  • Simple, intuitive controls make this easy for anyone to use from age 8 to 88.

My life has improved so much since I got the Buzz

— Sylas U. Buzz User

Bring the quiet back with the Buzz

Additional features

More than just tinnitus relief

Buzz also helps people who have lost some of their hearing, all without being as visible or distracting as hearing aids. It’s a perfect device to help improve your awareness of sounds around you.

Receive discreet phone notifications and alarms

Link your smartphone or other device to receive customized vibrational patterns for phone alarms, text alerts, and more.

Experience music anew

Improve your experience of music by feeling a pulse of the beat layered with the nuances of the melody

Specify the vibration level

You decide the strength of the vibrational patterns on your wrist. Turn it up or down with the Neosensory Buzz App. 

Adjust the Buzz microphone sensitivity

 Pick up as much (or as little) of your ambient sounds. Change it on the go with the simple push of a button.

Tune in or out of conversations.

Choose an additional layer of voice detection and know when conversations begin around you. 

Wearing Buzz to reduce my tinnitus is one of the main reasons I use mine daily. I used to have a ringing in my ears that bothered me every day. Now, it’s greatly reduced and doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

–Adam S., former tinnitus sufferer