The Neosensory “Built for Buzz” program

At Neosensory, we envision a new world where everyone has access to new and useful sensory perceptions. We are finally entering an era where technology is enabling us to produce non-invasive wearable devices that are able to do this. Buzz is our first baby step down this unfathomably immense path.

We can’t do this all by ourselves, which is why we’ve opened up Buzz as a platform that enables developers to build new senses using vibration and the principles of sensory substitution and addition. We want to see a rich eco-system of amazing applications and hardware that can enable new, useful, and delightful senses through Buzz.

We want to help great ideas move from prototype to product.

Introducing Built for Buzz, a Mentorship program and support system for developers that works to help bring high-quality applications and/or hardware for creating new senses with Buzz from concept to market.

The program

Built for Buzz is a year long multi-part program including:

  • Regular mentoring sessions with the Neosensory team
  • Exclusive webinars and learning opportunities
  • Marketing and brand endorsement from Neosensory upon finishing the approval track
  • Assistance with “In the wild” testing with real users
  • Private slack channel for networking with members of your cohort and the Neosensory team
  • Swag and recognition for your achievements with in the program

Want to be part of the first cohort? Make sure you enter the Neosensory and Edge Impulse “Expand your Senses” competition.