Expand your senses: Neosensory’s 2nd developer contest

After an incredible response from our first Neosensory developer competition in which we received unbelievably creative submissions from the world over, we knew that we had to do this again. This time we are collaborating with our friends over at Edge Impulse and hosting the competition on hackster.io. We are delighted to announce our second developer competition of many more to come!

Upgrade the human experience with new sensory perceptions

Use Edge Impulse’s machine learning developer platform with Neosensory’s Buzz haptic wristband to explore new senses, solve problems, and expand the human experience.

Build applications on any BLE-enabled platform, whether it’s a mobile phone or an Arduino to stream and encode sensory information on Buzz. Whether you want to gain a perception about the health of your beehives, sense the temperature of surrounding objects, or feel satellites flying overhead, the sky’s not even the limit!

Join the contest on hackster.io, and compete for a Grand prize of $1000 USD (with a Bitcoin payout option!) with numerous other prizes you can vie for. The contest runs from November 5th, 2020 submissions close January 15th 2021. See the contest page for more details on how to get started and rules for participating!