Neosensory welcomes  audiologist Allie Treseder

Allie Treseder

We are excited to announce Dr. Allie Treseder, Au.D., as the newest member of the Neosensory team. With a background in clinical care and military service, Allie will serve as our Head of Partnerships, helping us forge relationships with providers, clinics, and businesses and educate users on our life-changing technology.

Allie has been a licensed audiologist for over six years and has experience working in military audiology, private practice, and industry. Her passion for hearing health and communication began when she met a Deaf custodian, Dave, while working as Resident Assistant at the University of Wisconsin.

“He was an incredible person. He often came to my door to chat via written notes on his pocket notepad,” Allie said. “One day, a resident made a comment that the custodian was unkind because he never acknowledged her when she said hi. That’s when I realized people don’t even consider the possibility that we live and work alongside members of the Deaf community. The need for education was striking.”

With education in mind, Allie planned an event for the Residence Hall to introduce Dave to residents. Through an interpreter, he told his story and what it was like to grow up Deaf, something he saw simply as a difference, not a disability. He then taught residents several signs, such as ‘good morning’ and even ‘more toilet paper, please!’”

“That’s when I realized facilitating communication is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” she said.

In addition to her passion for audiology, Allie serves as a Captain in the U.S. Army and understands the need for providing hearing healthcare to our nation’s veterans.

“Tinnitus and hearing loss are the #1 and #2 VA compensable disabilities, respectively. It affects millions every year,” she said. “Surprisingly, there are very few audiologists in the army. We have a huge responsibility to educate our Service Members about hearing health and hearing loss prevention.”

Allie was drawn to Neosensory by her passion for education and communication, and by the opportunity to offer a new way to treat tinnitus and hearing loss.

“The technology is groundbreaking—something the hearing industry has never seen before,” she said. “Giving patients a new–and incredibly accessible–way to treat hearing loss and tinnitus is going to completely change the game. I’m so excited to be a part of it all.”

Allie looks forward to connecting clinics, providers, and patients around the world to Neosensory’s innovative sensory substitution technology.