Neosensory announces Clarify, a revolutionary new way to experience speech

Hearing aid alternative couple

Neosensory announces the launch of Clarify, a breakthrough innovation in speech technology.

The Clarify wristband is a new solution to help people experience speech via vibrations on the skin. Equipped with Neosensory’s revolutionary and patented machine-learning algorithms, the band’s vibratory motors respond to specific sounds in speech that can be difficult to discern. In less than three weeks, the brain adapts to these new inputs and the wearer can interpret vibrations as speech.

“When I first started wearing the band, I was very cognizant of the fact that the band is buzzing when I heard different sounds in conversations – for example, a d-sound versus an s-sound,” said John Haecker, a Clarify user. “Now, it’s going immediately and directly into my brain. I don’t have the perception of the buzz on the skin anymore, I only have the impression of the word in my brain. And I know exactly what the speaker has said.”

Another user, John P., said, “You turn it on and it lights up your senses, it’s just like turning on some electronic device that helps you see.”

Neosensory CEO David Eagleman says, “We’ve married the latest neuroscience with cutting edge machine learning to build a sleek, almost-invisible technology that is changing the way people can perceive speech.” 

Clarify is available for $999, or $42/month with interest-free financing.

For more information, visit Neosensory.com/product/clarify.