Neosensory partners with Oaktree to expand hearing tech services in Canada

neosensory hearing device now available in canada

We are very excited to announce that we are now able to offer our innovative, science-backed hearing technology to Canadian audiologists and clinicians thanks to a new partnership with Oaktree Products.

Neosensory has maintained a successful partnership with Oaktree Products in the U.S. that allowed us to work with audiologists, ENT specialists and clinics across the nation. Now, we look forward to helping Canadian doctors to provide their patients with our innovative solutions at an affordable price.

Our product, a revolutionary wristband created by Stanford neuroscientists, features four vibrating motors that respond to sound with unique patterns of vibrations that give users new senses. Neosensory currently offers three programs that are scientifically proven to help with three of the main issues seen by audiologists:

Duo, our tinnitus solution, is based on bimodal stimulation, leveraging neuroplasticity to reduce symptoms in users after eight weeks of training. The company’s latest double-blinded, peer-reviewed study shows 9 out of 10 users report statistically significant benefits, with an average improvement of 22 points in the Tinnitus Functional Index score for moderate to severe cases. The full scientific publication is available in the International Tinnitus Journal.

Clarify, the world’s first alternative to hearing aids, leverages the band to help users with high-frequency hearing loss understand speech more clearly. High-frequency phonemes, parts of speech that can be difficult to hear for people with this type of hearing loss, are translated into specific vibratory patterns that the brain learns to interpret over time. Clarify users report better outcomes in understanding conversations than the average hearing aid user, as measured by the APHAB score.

Sound Awareness, our first solution, uses the band to translate all sounds around the user into unique vibrations that become instantly recognizable over time. This is especially useful for Deaf people or those with severe hearing loss, and is being used in factories and homes around the world as a safety and comfort device. More about the science around Sound Awareness can be found in this International Brain Research Organization article.

If you are an audiologist who is interested in learning more about how we can help your practice and your patients, feel free to reach out to us at audiology@neosensory.com