Feel the Future: Submitting your entry 

The time is almost here to get your final project submissions in! 

To make things easy, we are going to use the Hackster platform for your entries.  If you haven’t got a Hackster account already, you can head over here to set one up 


Once you have your profile set up, it’s time to add your entry as a new project. You can hit the “+” button next to your notifications icon or go to your profile and select “create a project” there. 


Follow the steps provided to fill in your project entry. 

Make sure you add the Neosensory Buzz to your BOM


Make sure that your project is set to “Discoverable in the search and on platform hubs” in the publication settings. 


Here is a short checklist of the things we are looking for in a brilliant entry:

  • BOM ( detailed bill of materials )
  • A video demo of your project in action. A great video will set you  apart from the competition.
  • A description of your project. Make sure to include details of your build and user testing, as well as any images or schematics. This should be detailed enough to be read as a blog post about your entry. 
  • Code! Remember a link to GitHub or similar. 

You can check out the detailed judging criteria here. 

Once you’re all done fill in this form to let us know about your entry! 

If you’d like help or input, remember there are office hours still available Book your time here.


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