How masks affect communication during COVID-19

In the time of COVID-19, masks have become the new normal in much of the world. Although they help prevent the spread of the virus, masks can make communication difficult for those who rely on facial expressions, visual cues, or lipreading. Reduced communication with masks Speaking through a mask can muffle sound by as muchContinue reading “How masks affect communication during COVID-19”

The surreal experience of sensing the world around me

Disclosure: I am one of the Customer Support Representatives at Neosensory and I had the opportunity to test Buzz before I joined the company. My experiences and opinions are my own.  I am a third generation Deaf, currently with severe-profound hearing loss. That means I am not a stranger to the various assistive technologies thatContinue reading “The surreal experience of sensing the world around me”

Understanding speech after hearing loss from bacterial meningitis

Throughout the majority of my life, I had full hearing in both ears. After becoming deaf, I’ve found that I am even better at my work doing fascial bodywork on horses. I’m less distracted by sounds around me. That said, I was excited to discover Neosensory Buzz. I have really benefited from the awareness I now have of the sounds around me, especially speech and daily noises around the house and while driving.

Introducing Buzz

Buzz is a wearable wristband that allows people to sense sound through their skin. Using technology conceived in neuroscientist David Eagleman’s laboratory, Buzz offers a non-invasive option for people looking to experience sound in a new way. This includes deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, musicians, app developers, and others who want to create unique sensory experiences.