Finding relief with the Neosensory Tinnitus Program: A personal story

A Neosensory Tinnitus user spotlight At Neosensory, we don’t just believe in our product, we’re also the first testers. Read on to learn more about engineer Jose Balderas’ experience with tinnitus and how the Neosensory Tinnitus Program helped him.  Interested in sharing your tinnitus story? Reach out to us at hello@neosensory.com. Living with tinnitus By JoseContinue reading “Finding relief with the Neosensory Tinnitus Program: A personal story”

Reduce stress with these tips

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people are reporting sky-high stress levels. In addition to depression and anxiety, medical professionals are reporting post-traumatic stress disorder among certain groups. Those at high risk include COVID survivors, those who have lost friends or family members, medical professionals, journalists, and first responders. For some, COVID-19 has caused orContinue reading “Reduce stress with these tips”

Dealing with hearing loss: Resources and community support

Dealing with hearing loss can be an overwhelming and isolating experience. Causes and treatments are as unique as the individual, and finding hearing loss resources can be a frustrating journey. Luckily, there are many support groups and information for people in similar situations. Check out our list of resources to learn more and find aContinue reading “Dealing with hearing loss: Resources and community support”

Audiologist Dr. Kevin Liebe joins as Scientific Advisor

Dr. Liebe To Offer Expert Guidance on How Neosensory’s Technology Can Best Serve Those Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Neosensory, a neuroscience-based company that empowers people with new senses, today announced that Dr. Kevin Liebe, AuD, has joined the company as a scientific advisor. His appointment bolsters Neosensory’s focus on the continued developmentContinue reading “Audiologist Dr. Kevin Liebe joins as Scientific Advisor”