Meet team CGM

Team CGM is part of the Neosensory  Community Research Program. Neosensory is excited about exploring the frontiers of science and technology. As part of this effort, we have launched the Community Research Program, which aims to bring like-minded people together from around the world and across skill sets to work on projects with real-world impact andContinue reading “Meet team CGM”

Connecting parents and children with Neosensory Buzz

Babies have one primary way of communication: crying. Deaf and hard-of-hearing parents have many ways of knowing exactly what their children need even without hearing them, such as interpreting body language to determine their needs and emotions or devices that alert parents to crying noises by giving visual alerts. Software engineer Mithun Das wanted toContinue reading “Connecting parents and children with Neosensory Buzz”

Making touch-sensing prosthetics affordable with Buzz

There was no shortage of creative entries in Neosensory’s second developers contest “Expand your Senses” hosted in cooperation with Edge Impulse and Hackster, ranging from a device helping firefighters move through smoke to a gadget letting you feel your internet connection. The judges were especially impressed with SensiGlove, a device allowing wearers of prosthetics toContinue reading “Making touch-sensing prosthetics affordable with Buzz”

Feeling electric current with the Thunder Finger and Buzz

“Imagine if chefs couldn’t taste, artists couldn’t see, and musicians couldn’t hear. Humans can’t perceive electric current, so engineers and electricians can never physically feel their work.” Freelance hardware developer Zack Freedman had enough of only feeling electric currents in the form of zaps. So, he set out to create the Thunder Finger, a deviceContinue reading “Feeling electric current with the Thunder Finger and Buzz”