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The Neosensory “Built for Buzz” program

At Neosensory, we envision a new world where everyone has access to new and useful sensory perceptions. We are finally entering an era where technology is enabling us to produce non-invasive wearable devices that are able to do this. Buzz is our first baby step down this unfathomably immense path. We can’t do this allContinue reading “The Neosensory “Built for Buzz” program”

Expand your senses: Neosensory’s 2nd developer contest

After an incredible response from our first Neosensory developer competition in which we received unbelievably creative submissions from the world over, we knew that we had to do this again. This time we are collaborating with our friends over at Edge Impulse and hosting the competition on hackster.io. We are delighted to announce our secondContinue reading “Expand your senses: Neosensory’s 2nd developer contest”

Developers: Get started expanding your perception

Sensory substitution and addition are exciting frontiers. With our open API and optional SDKs available for Arduino, Android, and iOS, there is a huge range of ways that you can start expanding your senses. With our API you can send and encode any data stream to your Buzz via any Bluetooth Low Energy-capable device. TheContinue reading “Developers: Get started expanding your perception”

Buzzing emotions: how Buzz can be used to help people with autism interpret emotion

Chloe and Shannon are finalists from our first Neosensory developer contest. We are delighted to host the following guest write-up from them about their extraordinary submission! When I first saw a demo for Neosensory’s vest prototype back in 2018, my mind was mystified about the seemingly endless possibilities for data to feed into the hapticContinue reading “Buzzing emotions: how Buzz can be used to help people with autism interpret emotion”

Results are in! Neosensory Developer Contest Winner

We recently launched our first ever developer contest. We were excited to see what projects the growing Neosensory developer community had in mind since the launch of our open API and SDKs. But given all of the craziness going on in the world, we weren’t sure what to expect.  Developer project entries To our pleasantContinue reading “Results are in! Neosensory Developer Contest Winner”

Temperature sensing wristband with the Neosensory Arduino Bluefruit SDK

In the 1987 movie Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character fights an alien enemy in a dark, foggy rainforest. He is stumped when no amount of camouflage hides him and his comrades from this mysterious foe. They realize all too late the Predator has thermal vision and can track humans by sensing their body temperature. Thermal visionContinue reading “Temperature sensing wristband with the Neosensory Arduino Bluefruit SDK”

Hack your senses – Neosensory’s first developer contest

Have you been itching to hack your senses? Here’s your chance. Win a Neosensory Buzz plus a $1,000 grand prize while you’re at it! From July 16th through September 10th, we are running a 2-stage contest. In stage one, you can submit ideas for cool apps you’d like to build with a Neosensory Buzz. Smellotouch?Continue reading “Hack your senses – Neosensory’s first developer contest”

Sensing satellites with Neosensory Buzz

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s a satellite When you look up at the sky during the daytime, it seems sparse. Sure, there are clouds, maybe a plane or helicopter every now and then – but there are actually many more human-made objects whizzing above your head then you might realize.  In orbitContinue reading “Sensing satellites with Neosensory Buzz”

Developers: What you need to know to create new senses with Neosensory Buzz

Neosensory Buzz offers a great opportunity for developers to build new sensory experiences. You can use a number of different platforms to send data to the Buzz wristband (check out our SDKs for Android or Arduino).

If you’ve seen our TED Talk, you’ve seen examples of feeding data streams to the brain from Twitter, the stock market, drones, and so on. In the following years, we’ve built examples using infrared light, virtual reality, lidar, and many more. 

Invisible light wristband with the Neosensory Arduino Bluefruit SDK

Want to expand your senses so you can detect invisible light – such as infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths? Here’s your chance. Develop a sensory expansion device using the Neosensory Buzz vibratory wristband and the Neosensory Arduino Bluefruit SDK. Sensory substitution and expansion  A sensory substitution device passes information from one sense through a different, atypicalContinue reading “Invisible light wristband with the Neosensory Arduino Bluefruit SDK”