Clarify helps veterans with service-related hearing loss

Beyond physical injuries and mental stresses, many veterans return home with unexpected consequences. The most common service-related disability reported by veterans is hearing problems – specifically, tinnitus and hearing loss. Gunfire, explosions and loud machinery can do lasting damage that reduce a person’s ability to hear over time. Blast exposure is linked to auditory processingContinue reading “Clarify helps veterans with service-related hearing loss”

Hearing aid alternatives: an in-depth review

Sitting in his bright garden in California, David Sheehan remembers his early days with bittersweetness. He’s recollecting events that, he says, can explain his current relationship with hearing loss. “The hard rock and the acid rock and heavy metal… we did a lot of damage to our ears,” Sheehan says. David is far from theContinue reading “Hearing aid alternatives: an in-depth review”

Neosensory announces Clarify, a revolutionary new way to experience speech

Neosensory announces the launch of Clarify, a breakthrough innovation in speech technology. The Clarify wristband is a new solution to help people experience speech via vibrations on the skin. Equipped with Neosensory’s revolutionary and patented machine-learning algorithms, the band’s vibratory motors respond to specific sounds in speech that can be difficult to discern. In lessContinue reading “Neosensory announces Clarify, a revolutionary new way to experience speech”