Audiologist Dr. Kevin Liebe joins as Scientific Advisor

Dr. Liebe To Offer Expert Guidance on How Neosensory’s Technology Can Best Serve Those Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Neosensory, a neuroscience-based company that empowers people with new senses, today announced that Dr. Kevin Liebe, AuD, has joined the company as a scientific advisor. His appointment bolsters Neosensory’s focus on the continued developmentContinue reading “Audiologist Dr. Kevin Liebe joins as Scientific Advisor”

Hack your senses – Neosensory’s first developer contest

Have you been itching to hack your senses? Here’s your chance. Win a Neosensory Buzz plus a $1,000 grand prize while you’re at it! From July 16th through September 10th, we are running a 2-stage contest. In stage one, you can submit ideas for cool apps you’d like to build with a Neosensory Buzz. Smellotouch?Continue reading “Hack your senses – Neosensory’s first developer contest”

Developers: What you need to know to create new senses with Neosensory Buzz

Neosensory Buzz offers a great opportunity for developers to build new sensory experiences. You can use a number of different platforms to send data to the Buzz wristband (check out our SDKs for Android or Arduino).

If you’ve seen our TED Talk, you’ve seen examples of feeding data streams to the brain from Twitter, the stock market, drones, and so on. In the following years, we’ve built examples using infrared light, virtual reality, lidar, and many more.