Our story

Founded out of the Texas Medical Center, developed by a Stanford neuroscientist, and backed by True Ventures, NeoSensory creates novel sensory experiences.

Our research began with the idea that our experience of reality can go beyond our sensory limitations, that we can create brand new senses with which to perceive the world. In 2013, Scott Novich, then a PhD student, and Professor David Eagleman set out to create a general sensory substitution device: the VEST. The project garnered massive attention and in 2015, with the support of True Ventures, was spun off into an independent company. We focus on sending a variety of data streams to the brain via the sense of touch. With so much unused real estate on the body, the skin presents huge potential for the delivery of new information. We are currently building the world’s first hearing assistive technology that enables people to listen with their skin. Our team is inspired by the transformative technology we are building. We are dedicated to making a meaningful social impact with our sound-to-touch products. And we’re grateful for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities for co-creating this mission with us. In January 2019, NeoSensory raised an additional $10M, bringing total funding to $16M. Mass manufacture will be completed by end of 2019.