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Neosensory Buzz

Experience environmental noise as touch and gain new awareness.

Feel sound on your skin

Buzz captures the sound around you and translates it into
rich vibrational patterns.

Be aware

Catch alarm clocks, doorbells, dogs barking, and the rest of the noise in your environment.

Be closer

Feel voices, laughter, a family member entering the room, a baby crying, or a friend calling your name.

Be entertained

Feel every beat of music and movies with an emotionally powerful, immersive experience.

Be safer

Buzz can detect emergency sounds such as smoke alarms, sirens, and cars honking.


When someone was saying my name to get my attention I was able to recognize the rhythmic vibration and knew someone was calling my name.

Isaac W.

Buzz alerted me that the water was running. I always accidentally leave it running. It’s those little things and the seemingly little ways that Buzz has enhanced my awareness.

Sharif R.

It helps me a lot when I’m outside. If there is a siren, police car, or whatever, I can be aware and look around me.

Phillip S.

Tune into the world

Choose your mode to experience every environment.

Night Mode

Rest easy knowing that only loud, emergency sounds will alert you. Don’t worry, the algorithm filters out snoring and sheet rustling so you can catch your zzz’s.

Music Mode

Experience music on another level. There’s no need to crank the volume when you wear Buzz. This mode lets you feel the pulse of the beat layered with the textures and nuances of the melody. Whether you love rap, jazz, country, or ballads, strap it on and you’re good to go.

Everyday Mode

Enjoy your world – every day. Use this mode for most daily environments. It adjusts to your surroundings and cancels out unnecessary background noise like air conditioning or noisy restaurants.

Adjust the Buzz microphone sensitivity

Pick up as much (or as little) of your ambient sounds as you’d like. Change it on the go with the push of a button.

Specify the vibration level

You decide the strength of the vibrational patterns on your wrist. Turn them up or down with the app. 

Receive discreet phone notifications and alarms

Link your smartphone or other devices to receive customized vibrational patterns for phone alarms, text alerts, and more.

Tune in or out of conversations

Choose an additional layer of voice detection and know when conversations begin around you. 

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It’s as simple as learning to recognize patterns

When we become fluent in a language, learn to ride a bike, or refine our golf swing, we form associations with patterns of information from our physical world. Buzz is a wearable device that captures sound and translates it into vibrational patterns on the skin. With practice, these associations become automatic and a new sense is born. You’ll experience the difference on the first day you wear it. And it only gets better from there.

Want to know how and why this works?

Our technology is developed by leading neuroscientists, crafted by designers, and backed by Silicon Valley. See our TED Talk “Can we create new senses for humans?”

Feel the Buzz

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