Expanding Perception


Who We Are


David Eagleman, PhD

Dr. Eagleman’s research is published in the top journals in the field, including Science and Nature. He is an internationally bestselling author about the brain, with his books translated into 27 languages. He writes for the New York Times, Discover, Slate, Wall Street Journal, and many other venues. His research has been profiled in media venues such as the New Yorker, the Colbert Report, NOVA, CNN, and dozens of others. Dr. Eagleman is a Guggenheim Fellow, a Next Generation Texas Fellow, a council member on the World Economic Forum, a research fellow in the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Chief Scientific Advisor for the Mind Science Foundation, the Science Advisor for the television show Perception, and a board member of The Long Now Foundation. He is the creator and host of PBS’s epic series “The Brain with David Eagleman.”


Scott Novich, PhD

Dr. Novich is an Electrical & Computer Engineer and Neuroscientist who recevied his PhD under Dr. Eagleman’s advisement. His thesis work on non-invasive sensory augmentation provides the foundation for NeoSensory’s technology.


Evan Dougal

Evan Dougal is an engineer interested in embedded systems and wearable electronics. He graduated in 2015 with a B.S.E.E from Rice University, where his senior design project was focused on developing an improved version of the VEST.


Mike Perrotta

Mike Perrotta is a clinical coordinator and researcher for NeoSensory, and a recent graduate from University of Maryland’s neuroscience program. Outside of NeoSensory, he is an avid climber and kombucha-brewer.


Jonathan Leach

Jonathan Leach is a clinical coordinator and researcher for NeoSensory. He teaches American Sign Language and is a veteran skydiver, a wingsuit enthusiast, and a pilot in his spare time.


Madeleine Gong

Madeleine Gong is an apparel engineer with NeoSensory and a recent graduate from Parsons School of Design where she focused on textile design. She is passionate about how sustainable processes and materials can be applied to fashion.


Abhipray Sahoo

Abhipray Sahoo is a hardware and embedded systems engineer with NeoSensory. He is a graduate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University, where he has worked on the VEST alongside Evan Dougal as his senior design project. He is a hackathon fanatic.


Syed Rahman

Syed Rahman is an Industrial Designer with NeoSensory. Prior to NeoSensory, he managed the Makerbot Innovation Center at the University of Maryland and was the lead designer at the 3D printing company M3D.


Susie Russell

Susie Russell is NeoSensory’s Controller. Her domain knowledge ranges from med tech to restaurant, and she has worked with companies from their earliest stages to $10 million annual revenue. For the last eleven years, Susie has run her own business providing controller services and directing administrative functions for her clients. During the most recent six years, she has worked extensively with investor-backed technology companies including OrthoAccel, BioTex Medical, and LaserGen.